Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is Getting a Hotel

Blue Lagoon, pools filled with bright blue, geothermal mineral water, is a prime tourist spot in Iceland. A new luxury hotel will be opening in the Fall of  2017. The Moss Hotel will have 62 guest rooms, a restaurant, The Moss Restaurant, and a spa, The Lava Cove. The guests will have exclusive access to Blue Lagoon’s amenities, and the restaurant’s menu is based on Icelandic culinary traditions. The goal of the hotel’s creation is to “erase the boundary between nature, wellness, hospitality, and affluence.”


Blue Lagoon is located only 20 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport and is perfect place to go if you have a layover of a couple hours or more. You could also utilize a “stopover” when traveling from the U.S. to Europe or vice versa. Iceland is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and gives you a nice break in your travels. IcelandAir offers “stopovers” ranging from a night to 7 nights without an increase in airfare. This allows you to have extra time to explore this beautiful country.



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