Where In The World Would You Go?


I asked some of my fellow students of where they would like to travel to. If  I could go anywhere I would go to the Greek Isles because of how beautiful the area is and how rich the history is. Here are the other students responses:

Lemane Banushi


I would love to go to Australia.
I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember because as a kid, I fantasized about going to the zoo’s, visiting the mountains, and scuba dive in the reefs. Another childhood fantasy of mine was to be a mermaid and I used to believe that mermaids lived in Australia. I also have always been intrigued by Australian accents and wish to learn more about the culture there.



Jenna Hudson



Someplace I would like to travel back to is Poland. I went to Poland when I was 17 and was only there for a few days, which was not nearly enough time. I would like to go back to Poland because I would like to experience more of the larger cities in Poland, as well as exploring the countryside. Another thing that is dragging me back to Poland is the food. Everything I ate the first time in Poland was AMAZING, (plus they make the BEST hot chocolate). When I go back to Poland I also would like to take time to deeply experience the culture and as well as learning more about their history.


Stephanie Bicchetti



Traveling was always something I wanted to do in life. I was always fascinated with learning about another culture. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to travel to Italy. My dad’s side of the family was originally from Italy and the thought of visiting the place where it all began was always so exciting to me. Having grandparents that could speak Italian or cook the best Italian meals was something I wish I grew up doing. For my dad it was so normal to be around that he never found the interest in learning more and passing it on to my sisters and I. While language and food are two important things I would love to learn about in Italy, my family specifically is still the most important. I want to know why we look the way we look or why we do the things we do. Italy is such a foreign place to me, which is crazy when I am half 50% Italian. I want to explore the generations before me and maybe learn a little more about myself. It’s one thing to tell people I am half Italian, but it’s another thing to be educated about the culture altogether. 


Alexandra George


When I think of place that I have always wanted to travel the first place that pops up into my head is England. I would just love to have a chance in learning about the different things that they do daily and would love to get a chance to learn about the historical landmarks and find out a little more information on them. When I go to England I don’t just want to go there and stay in one place I would love to see the entire country and to do that I feel that it can best be done by backpacking across the country that way I get to see all the wonders in my time. I would start in London honestly my favorite place in England and then I would make my way around and end up in Bristol or Plymouth ending my backpack trip almost at the tip of the country.


Crystal VanceIMG_20160508_201811


I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana; I save travel guides on Pinterest and check prices for flights and hotels regularly. There’s something about New Orleans that just speaks to me even though I’ve only seen it on screen and in pictures. The city has a vintage feel that holds the promise of ancient stories about not only the city’s history but about the people who have lived there throughout the centuries because in New Orleans, the people and the city are one. I want to visit the famous cemeteries that dwell within the city limits and revel in the idea that the souls at rest there were once part of the rhythm of the city. I want to have a drink at the Carousel Bar in the heart of the French Quarter and visit the voodoo shops on Bourbon Street. I want to admire the varied architectural styles collected there like precious stones and marvel at the work of the street artists exposing their emotions with each masterful stroke. I want to watch the night come alive with the buzz of humans moving to the sound of brass instruments echoing through the streets as a parade is underway and colorful garments twist in the breeze. New Orleans is one of those places that just oozes life and music to the point where the city itself seems to hum and my hope is that one day I’ll be there to hum along.


Kaitlin Lunger


I’m fortunate enough to have a family that values traveling as much as I do. Neither of my parents grew up in families that were able to really travel. Because of this, once my parents met and got married, they decided that traveling was something they wanted to be able to do. So, they worked hard, and continue to work hard, to be able to make those dreams a reality. Over the years, they’ve been able to take my sister and I to places like Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Tennesse, West Virginia, and so many other gorgeous places. Like my parents, I want to continue traveling throughout my life. One place I’ve always wanted to travel to is Hawaii. One of the reasons I want to visit Hawaii is because I’m a film major and a few really good films have been shot there, including but not limited to: 50 First Dates, Blue Crush, Soul Surfer, Just Go With It. The biggest reason I want to visit Hawaii though is just for it’s sheer beauty and clear waters.




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